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about us

synchropress® has represented profound experience in the development and production of servo-driven screw presses for nearly 20 years. The industry-unique synchropress® technology offers the innovative combination of force, precision, and durability. These customized presses are utilized in various industrial environments and can be individually adapted to specific manufacturing conditions.

The comprehensive offering of individual development expertise, in-house design, and dependable service and maintenance services ensures our customers optimal technology, support, and the highest possible availability – at all times.

our product

synchropress® 4M

  • individually customizable to customer needs
  • price-performance ratio
  • excellent parallelism between ram and table
  • versatile applications thanks to various operating modes: setup mode, manual insertion mode, automatic mode
  • sensitive ram movements in hundredth of a millimeter range using a joystick

pressing force
500 kN - 10,000 kN

stroke length of the ram
11.81 in – 59.06 in / 300 mm – 1,500 mm

max. ram speeds
Up to >11.81 in/sec / >300 mm/sec or according to customer specifications


synchropress 4M