from idea to product - looking towards the future

In collaboration with renowned universities, we at synchropress® constantly work on new processes and contemplate how to innovate and enhance our products. Our focus is on developing custom-made technologies, precisely aligned with the needs of our customers. At synchropress®, we always build upon our screw technology as the foundation, from which new forms of deep-drawing presses, three-level presses, fine cutting presses, and cold forming presses emerge.

customer innovation as the foundation of our innovation

In many cases, innovations arise from customer requirements for us. Many applications encounter limitations when high forces and precise paths, as well as speeds (speed profiles), are required. With the capabilities of synchropress®, the physical processes can be better understood – for instance, when a deformation process requiring significant force is executed very slowly for precise observation – and new manufacturing possibilities can be derived from it.

limitless possibilities

Furthermore, synchropress® provides the ability to stop precisely at any point during a press stroke (with or without load), and then initiate additional movements. This often opens entirely new manufacturing possibilities by encouraging a new perspective on potential processes, leading to significantly enhanced efficiency.

one step ahead of technology

The physical limits of forming processes based on the machine technology available up to now are widely recognized. With the motion capabilities of a synchropress®, these boundaries can be surpassed. In deep-drawn parts where strong material flow is induced during deformation, a higher level of deformation can be achieved through individual deformation speeds. This allows for drawing depths that were previously deemed physically impossible.

new technologies to increase efficiency and quality

From producing small to ultra-small metallic items from strip materials to electronic housings for Ad-Blue pumps in cars, or multi-component contact parts in a single operation - the customized presses find applications in various fields. As a result, synchropress® can be adapted not only to specific manufacturing conditions but also provides long-term solutions to enhance our customers' efficiency and quality.

your advantages with synchropress®

  • increased innovation capability
  • enhanced productivity
  • versatile press - better machine utilization
  • competitive price-performance ratio
  • press mobility
  • low power connection requirements
  • low energy consumption