force combined with the utmost precision


Highest precision at very large pressing forces – at selectable speeds ranging from micrometers per second to rapid closing speeds.

The primary development goal for synchropress® screw presses was to meet all requirements on a single press – from the gentle initial tool mating to the 3-shift production process. To consistently achieve this goal, we ensure that each synchropress® meets the highest demands – every day anew!

State-of-the-art production technology for full competitiveness

The cost and performance-driven requirements for advanced manufacturing technologies are constantly increasing. With conventional press systems, it's becoming increasingly challenging to remain internationally competitive. The efficient synchropress® production technologies and machine concepts offer a multitude of production innovations and optimizations.


The synchropress® servo screw press has been in existence for more than 20 years, originating when Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Hülshorst, a trained toolmaker and control engineer, built the first flexible and compact screw press in Verl/Ostwestfalen.

The initial synchropress® machines were designed as workshop try-out presses. Over the years, small series presses emerged, with the first 1,000 kN pressing force introduced in 2003, subsequently transitioning into production presses.

The synchropress® product is represented in various markets with pressing forces up to 10,000 kN. Customers from the automotive supply industry, tool manufacturing, construction materials sector, manufacturers of organic sheets, and traditional punching operations all belong to synchropress GmbH's clientele.

After Alexander Hülshorst joined the company in 2011, Marcus Hülshorst followed in 2017. Together, they support Johannes Hülshorst in technical and commercial leadership roles in all aspects.

A steadily growing team in Hövelhof develops, designs, and constructs custom-build synchropress® servo screw presses. Since a relocation in spring 2020, manufacturing takes place in a 2,000 m² assembly hall.

Another milestone was achieved in 2021: synchropress GmbH is now an apprenticeship provider, training young individuals as mechatronics technicians.

Thanks to the versatile applications of the screw press, new fields of application continuously open up. Nowadays, companies in battery and fuel cell manufacturing also rely on the unique synchropress® technology. Another exciting market that motivates us to always strive for our best and further develop and optimize the synchropress® product!