delivery of a synchropress® 4M-6000

The comissioning of a synchropress® 4M-6000 has been successfully completed. The synchropress®, with a pressing force of 6,000 kN, will be used at an institute for forming technology and forming machines in northern Germany for research projects and production applications.

As is customary for our machines, the servo spindle press was fully assembled in our assembly hall and then carefully wrapped and vacuum-sealed for transportation. Subsequently, the heavy transport set off overnight to Lower Saxony, and the press could be unloaded and positioned the next day.

Thanks to unnecessary structural measures, the relocation to the customer could be completed within 48 hours, a major advantage of our technology!

After mechanical comissioning, the press was also put into operation in terms of control technology. From now on, students and staff at the institute can benefit from the capabilities of this press and begin their work.

A heartful thank you goes to the department management for their trust in us! This project has been in the making for many years and has now concluded with the successful commissioning.