contract manufacturing

leverage our comprehensive capabilities

No matter which industry our synchropress® is used in, you have the right partner in all areas with us. With press forces up to 4,000 kN, various presses are at your disposal. We place great emphasis on competent and comprehensive support – with the appropriate specialist for your service case. Because just like you, there's one thing we want to avoid: a synchropress® that's idle.

our services

support for production bottlenecks

We are here to help you bridge your production bottlenecks. Rely on the years of experience of our experts.

assistance in your machinery fleet

Even in case of gaps in your machinery fleet, we are always here to assist you. Various presses from synchropress® are available to produce your desired articles.

complete solutions

With the industry-exclusive synchropress® technology, we offer you a range of complete solutions.

tool try-out and production

You can easily test your tools on our servo screw press. Our synchropress® 4M-4000 is exclusively available to you in Hövelhof as a tool try-out press and production press.