synchropress 4M
1 motor


synchropress® 4M is powered by four servo motors. The synchronization of the four motors is achieved electronically.

2 press table

press table

The dimensions of the press table are individually configurable. The position and size of the pass-through can also be customized to the customer's specifications.

3 press ram

press ram

The press ram is pulled down by the four screw nuts, ensuring excellent parallelism of the synchropress®.

4 screw & screw nut

screw & screw nut

Due to the fixed mounting of the screw nuts in the ram, it is pulled down by the screws. The screws are beared in the press table.

5 guide column

guide column

The synchronized movement of the screws achieves an extremely high parallelism between the ram and the table - therefore, only the radial alignment from the table to the ram needs to be ensured through the four guide columns.



All servo-driven axes of the synchropress® are managed through an intuitively operated PC control system. This allows for the integration of unlimited additional options and the collection of process data.

7 housing


synchropress® 4M is equipped with a complete enclosure. Individual door solutions, whether manual, automatic, or through light barriers, can be implemented according to customer preferences.

technical data

  • press table length:
    17.71 in – 196.85 in /
    450 mm – 5,000 mm
  • press table depth:
    17.72 in – 98.43 in /
    450 mm – 2,500 mm
  • table height above floor (depending on model):
    27.56 in – 70.87 in /
    700 mm – 1,800 mm
  • power consumption: 20 kW – 500 kW depending on operating mode

pressing force
500 kN - 10,000 kN

stroke length of the ram
11.81 in – 59.06 in /
300 mm – 1,500 mm

max. ram speeds
Up to >11.81 in/sec /
>300 mm/sec
or according to customer specifications


  • individually customizable to customer needs
  • price-performance ratio
  • excellent parallelism between ram and table
  • versatile applications thanks to various operating modes: setup mode, manual insertion mode, automatic mode
  • sensitive ram movements in hundredth of a millimeter range using a joystick
  • compact design
  • optimal accessibility from all sides
  • low maintenance
  • no structural modifications required
  • lightweight

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