feedback from customers

"We appreciate any feedback from our customers, especially positive ones, and we want to share and involve our customers, suppliers, and future clients in this process:

Our customer from Kaltbrunn, Switzerland, WKK Kaltbrunn AG, has been very satisfied since the installation of a synchropress® 4M-1600. The servomotor-driven press was originally commissioned as a trial and small series press with a pressing force of 1,600 kN and was put into operation in the fall of 2020."

Since then, the press has already completed approximately 5.5 million strokes; this is mainly due to its utilization as a production machine in a two-shift operation, accounting for 80% of its usage. Typically, the press operates at a rate of 60 to 80 strokes per minute to manufacture various punching articles.

WKK Kaltbrunn AG serves customers in diverse industries, including medical and building technology, as well as the electrical and solar sectors. We are extremely delighted by such positive feedback and, above all, by the fact that our customer recognizes and leverages the capabilities offered by our synchropress® machines!